How To Create Blog And Earn Money Trough Google Adsane.



Hello everyone,

Today I am going to tell you how we can all make money by writing blogs.  Now the blog says that first of all you have two options to start a blog.  1)WordPress 2) Blogger  You can select one of the options.

If you are starting blogging, you should start using a subdomain first and one important thing is that the email ID you are going to use should be active.  And use the same email ID between your blogging account and Google Search Console so you don't have any future blogging or AdSense issues.

 If you have written 30-40 posts while blogging and each post is 1000+ characters long, you can apply for Google AdSense.  But one thing to keep in mind when applying is that your blog post should be six months old and a premium mobile friendly template.  Also, if you don't have About Page, Contact page, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, then you get AdSense Approval, but the chance is only 10%.

 In addition, you don't need to buy a custom domain because if your post is 100% unique and copyright free, AdSense approves.  But if you don't get AdSense approval with subdomains, you can use your own custom domain.  To get AdSense approval, add your site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics so you can create ads according to the user.

 Second and foremost, make sure you use at least one or two photos to make your blog post more premium.  Add contextual photos to posts so that the blog post looks a bit unique.  When choosing a photo, avoid downloading it directly from Google and download it from websites like Pixby, Unsplash etc. There are 100% copyright free photos available on this website.

 If you created the topic of 10-15 posts yourself and then if you don't know anything then you can find topic generator sites like Hubspot, Fatty Joy, Uber Suggest and some other topic generator sites available on Google.  You can also use Better Keyword Generator to make your site SEO friendly. Websites like Keyword Tool, Word Stream, Google Trends and Wordtracker are available.

 So this way you can make money by starting a blog but one thing to keep in mind is that AdSense does not check how much traffic your website has.  AdSense checks the quality of the posts and if you post 100% new and unique posts to Blogger, AdSense will give you approval as soon as possible.

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